And that’s it for Chapter 3! >:D Things are getting real.

Today’s page also marks a special occasion for FDWL – it’s officially been one year since we started the story! We know this because it’s ALSO Siege of Orgrimmar’s one-year anniversary (which is…special…in its own way) and we specifically launched Chapter 1: Despair to coincide with the patch’s events.

It’s been an exciting year for FDWL, and I think we’ve definitely both learned a lot about the comic process, as well as simply what it takes to make a weekly webcomic work without killing each other. I know I’ve definitely been really thinking about visual flow and design when laying out the pages, and I know Vid has been quite pleased with the high-quality artwork she’s been producing each week.

But most importantly, a year ago we realized we had a cool story we wanted to share, touching on lore topics we both love, and so we decided to do just that. And we think it’s going pretty well.

We’re almost halfway done, and we hope you enjoy the end result as much as we enjoyed putting it together! We’ll be taking a short break between chapters like usual, then we’ll be back with Chapter 4: Hatred!