Remember the good old days in the first month of Mists, when carrots, lettuce and leeks were flying off the Auction House faster than you could list them, and for outrageous prices? I don’t even remember exactly, but weren’t they going for like 100 gold each? 100 GOLD PER TURNIP. And raiders who adamantly insisted they needed the best buff foods possible were crafting those banquets requiring 50 turnips at a time. It’s like you were literally planting money in the ground and multiplying it overnight.

It’d too bad the Black Market Auction House wasn’t around back then. Nexus-Prince Haramad could have made a killing by just flipping a few veggies every now and then.

Those were good times. I miss them. My wallet misses them, too.

Now? All those leftover veggies I harvested early on and didn’t manage to sell just float back and forth in my mailboxes. I’d use them to make banquets, but who needs them, after all the ones you’re forced to make while leveling cooking?

Oh well. At least they don’t go bad.

(Psst…you wanna turnip?)