The big evil bad guys in WoW sure do like their pets, don’t they? It seems like every tier there’s at least one boss with special pets, or a boss that is itself a giant pet. Sometimes they’re just there, leaving their connection to the boss up to your imagination, but some, like Magmaw or Rageface/Riplimb, are outright stated to be pets. And some of them are really loved! Shannox loves his little doggies!

I wonder how long some bosses and their pets have been together? Maybe since their little animal friends were just babies! CUTE LITTLE ULTRAXION WHELP LEMME JUST SQUISH YOUR FAT LITTLE CHEEKS

Throne of Thunder in particular seems like a pet-lover’s paradise. In addition to Tortos, you could add Megaera and Nalak to the list of “little” buddies that Lei Shen raised. Then you’ve got Iron Qon and his three Quillen, Jalak/Horridon, and of course can’t forget about Ji-Kun hanging out in the sewer.

Who would have ever guessed that we’d be fighting more animals than Mogu in the big Mogu raid??