Did you think we had forgotten?

Did you think we had forgiven?

Yes, that’s right, Creepy Crate. We remember all the little ones you slurped down in the streets of Orgrimmar, the babies you gobbled up in the Deeprun Tram. We know about players going AFK and letting you merrily chomp your way toward their Critter Kill Squad achievement. And yes, we definitely remember your gleeful experiments into finding out just how big a creature you could inhale.

Oh, there will be a RECKONING, CREEPY CRATE! Your days are numbered! When Mists of Pandaria comes out, your victims will finally be able to fight back. Prepare yourself, Crate, for the terrible vengeance of the CRITTERS!

And don’t think you’ve gotten off easy, Toxic Wasteling!

You’re next.