It’s a good thing hitting the button on LFR Ultraxion isn’t necessary to beat the fight, because if it was, I don’t think a single LFR group would ever kill him. Like, seriously, it’s NOT THAT HARD, PEOPLE. PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON. IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

But no. It’s enough to make a healer tear their hair out in frustration.

In other news, here is a snippet of the From Draenor creative process at work:

Rades: I think it needs some underbrush, in the background?
Rades: like whatever trees they have there
Rades: alternately, explosions
Rades: maybe bullet casings flying out of gun?
Vid: oh does that happen?
Vid: hahaha man
Vid: I’m pretty sure the gun is also completely wrong
Rades: haha
Vid: I don’t know how a gun works
Vid: I’m like, huh I think it’s like, look there’s a holdy thing here
Rades: you have the front ammo clip, that’s enough to show it’s a gun
Vid: wtf is an ammo clip, did I draw that
Vid: nevermind, hahaha