I think the solo loot scenario is my favorite thing in Mists so far. And I don’t even mean the loot! The loot’s okay, but really, Elder Charms are SO Patch 5.1. I just love running the place! And finding hidden chests and secret paths to said chests. There’s been a few chests in the first room, and one in the hallway leading to the second room, that I have no idea at all how to reach. And I LOVE IT.

So far I’ve mostly stuck to the first room, with a few tentative forays into the second. Big chests in there! But also monsters. And aggro sensors. And a hard-to-reach door lever required to proceed further. I am intensely curious what the third and fourth rooms are like, though. There’s a big boss troll at the end, I hear? Guarding three large chests? And if you kill him you get to open them? I wonder if that’s more profitable!

I get why we’re limited to one run a week (or two, if you get really lucky and get multiple keys), but man. I sure wish I could just hang out in there and explore. Maybe this week when I finish running the first LFR wing, I’ll go back and prowl around those rooms thoroughly. Research time!