It’s that time of year again! Perhaps you recognize the new and improved Greatfather Winter from last year’s escapades?

I love everything about this strip, but particularly tiny adorable Rades and Vid hanging off of Kovok there. Look for these as our Twitter avatars for a while!

(You may also be amused that an in-depth discussion about Klaxxi anatomical features and the specific societal roles of Klaxxi of different body types preceded the completion of this comic. COMICS = SRS BSNS.)

I’ve also happened across a new thing to include in the comic to make Vid curse my name…something that ISN’T Garrosh. Bugs!

Vid: say why is this giant Kovok bug even flying? why is this a thing
Vid: adgskdlfj; bugs
Rades: it flies!
Vid: gross, haha
Rades: did you not do the quest for it where you free it?
Rades: it flies and it is awesome
Vid: I’m not freeing any bugs!!