If there was ONE THING that could bring these eternal rivals/enemies together…

I mean, I’m not even one of these classes and even I appreciate the FREEDOM they must be feeling! Free to summon their mana buns and fel candy any time they please! No longer shackled to the fickle whims of their groupmates, begging, PLEADING for them to please, just please COME OVER HERE AND CLICK ALREADY.

And of course, no longer prone to the excruciating frustration of attempting to summon a mage table – for other people’s benefit – only to have some oaf walk up and start summoning, but then wander away, cancelling the spell BUT still triggering the 10-minute cooldown.

I swear, I never saw people ready to reach through their monitors and strangle their guildmates so much as when this happened.

In addition to being solo casts and reagent-free, arcane mages can use Presence of Mind to INSTANTLY summon a refreshment table! Which is OBVIOUSLY the best use for this talent. I mean seriously, could there be anything MORE amazing than, every 90 seconds, being able to just stop in your tracks and BLAM, summon a magical buffet of delicious baked goods? I think not.

(nerf mages)