Does anyone actually go back to Gezhe each month and get their monthly Membership Benefits? I don’t, and yet I feel like I almost should – the Outlands phase of leveling Jewelcrafting is always such a pain, since those gems are so scarce, and Golden Draenite is actually fairly valuable. And more importantly, I DID do all that work for the Consortium back in the day – I EARNED those gems! They’re rightfully mine!

If you’re not that familiar with Ethereals and their various subfactions, the Consortium and the Protectorate are the groups we work with in Nagrand and Netherstorm – they’re the “good” ones. We can get reputation with the Consortium, and Gezhe belongs to this faction.

The Ethereum, on the other hand, make up almost all of the hostile Ethereals we encounter in the game. They’re the bad ones, and they’re also the ones with the Ethereum Prisons in Nagrand and Netherstorm.

I love Ethereals so if you’re confused about anything taking place in the story right now and need some clarification, just ask! I’d be happy to explain!