This week’s strip is a guest strip from Ayms and Mits, who you may know from their great webcomic, Fourth Wall! They’re no longer doing new strips, but they heard we needed some help this week and came out of “retirement” to lend us a hand. Thanks guys! Fourth Wall isn’t online anymore, but you can find Ayms’ artwork at her sketchblog – do go check out her stuff!

We should be back on schedule this week, so thanks again to Dee, Ayms and Mits who really came through for us when we needed a hand. You guys rock!

The removal of the “25 dailies a day” cap is an interesting one. I can’t say I’ve really come close to hitting that recently, but I did hit it a few times back in Wrath. And I’ve heard that for people doing old rep grinds, the limit is quite annoying. So hey, might as well do away with it!

I just hope there’s not so many new dailies in Mists that it becomes expected that players will be doing massive quantities of dailies every day – I did the Isle of Quel’Danas, I did the Argent Tournament, I did Tol Barad, I did the Molten Front – I’m done. A few here or there because I want to is fine, but anything more than that and I think I’ll find it pretty hard to muster up the enthusiasm.

After all, I could be spending that time working on my Pandaria farm instead!