You know, dealing with mages was hard enough before Mists, when they’d just portal-troll you by sending you to inconvenient, middle-of-nowhere locations.

Or when they’d summon 5-6 portals on top of one another and you’d have to click and see where you’d end up (Portal Roulette).

Or when they’d start casting you a portal, and then “accidentally” just Teleport themselves back to Orgrimmar, leaving the rest of you stuck in some wretched abyssal lair, miles from home.

But now it’s even WORSE! Now, they can magically whisk you away to high above the Ruins of Theramore, or (even higher) above Dalaran Crater! I know my raid has already fallen victim to the cruel pranks of our resident mage on multiple occasions, with startled cries of panic on Vent, including our bear tank who was so shocked he fell and splattered on the ground below before realizing he could have just hit flight form and survived.


PS: Sorry Horde players, we can’t actually portal people to Theramore. But we figured Aethas would know all the portals, considering his position. I mean, if there were any non-Alliance mages who were familiar with the Alliance ones, it’d be him, right?

Speaking of Aethas, keep your comments spoiler-free.

(For those curious how to get the Dalaran Crater portal, just kill Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls without letting him burn any books, and you can loot a book from the shelves after he’s dead that teaches you the portal. Mages only, of course. You can, however, simply do this on the low-level normal mode! Thanks Caluwen for the tip!)