Seriously dude, we all know why this is a bad idea.

Speaking of orc babies, Vid brought up an interesting question while doing the art – what color skin would the baby of a green-skinned orc and a brown-skinned orc have? We settled on sort of an olive complexion, but only time will tell!

As for Thrall and Aggra’s kid? It’d be nice if it were a girl orc, who goes on to accomplish great things. We really haven’t had many, other than Garona and the occasional minor NPC here or there. Kettara in the Shaman manga was pretty rad, but I suspect most people did not read the book and thus have no idea who she is.

A mixture of Thrall’s tranquility and Aggra’s fire would make for a very interesting personality! (I’m getting shades of Korra from Avatar here, which would not at all be a bad thing.)

(PS: if it’s a boy, I bet they name him Cairne.)