As everyone knows by now, Garrosh Hellscream will be the boss of Mists of Pandaria’s final content patch, and we take him down in an exciting-sounding “Siege of Orgrimmar.”

Now, there’s a lot of time between now and then, but I have to say…given what we’ve seen of Sylvanas in Cataclysm – being quite dastardly towards the Worgen during their starting zone, raising unwilling humans into new Forsaken and conscripting them into her forces, and her cold and callous treatment towards Koltira – I really expected her to be the Horde leader we’d end up killing as a raid boss. Garrosh has actually been quite level-headed and reasonable in his Cata appearances, in comparison.

I mean, one of these leaders has executed their overeager lieutenant, outraged that they bombed an innocent grove of druids. The other leader has utterly destroyed an enemy lakeshore town with plague and disease, leaving only sickly wreckage behind.

Which one sounds like a future villain to you?

Also…corrupted and doing really nasty things beneath their city? Um, are we SURE we’re not talking about Sylvanas? Maybe Garrosh has been taking pointers…