The Calgary Expo was on the weekend, and, well, it was an…interesting experience.

There was waiting. There were photos with Patrick Stewart and autographs from Wil Wheaton. There was more waiting. There was the chance to meet Fyreuni of Daily Quests.

Oh, and there was a near-riot when the Expo shut the doors because they had oversold and weren’t letting in any more attendees, regardless of pre-purchased tickets, “we have a scheduled photoshoot with Patrick Stewart”, or “I just stepped outside for a smoke and my family is still inside!” statuses. I know this because I was still outside, some 3-4 hours after we’d arrived.

People were not happy.

I entertained myself by tweeting Expo haikus, and watching the crowd with a mixture of curiosity and excitement. I mean, if I wasn’t going to get in, maybe I could at least witness a comic/Sci-Fi riot, so the entire day wouldn’t be a total waste!

However, riots were averted, and I did eventually get in, met up with Vid and Voss, and met Fyreuni. So overall, it turned out okay! Our feet were killing us and we just wanted to go home and fall asleep, but the Expo itself was definitely a lot of fun.

Fyre asked us if From Draenor would have a booth next year. Who knows? A year is a long time. There’d be a lot of work and preparation involved.

Then again, you get CHAIRS if you get a booth.

Hmm. Tempting.