This is actually a true story. On launch night, we were a few hours in and realized that our Legendary-toting Boomkin was sitting in the Barrens somewhere fishing up Tasty Crapfish and Garbage Trout trying to get realm-first fishing, two of us were hanging out in starter zones furiously battling and taming new pets, and our infamous guild AH tycoon was expanding his financial empire with lucrative Pandaria ore/herb sales.

…not quite the BLOOD AND GLORY Horde you hear about, is it?

Garrosh would be so ashamed.


Speaking of GOLD, are you making mad bank off the veggies being grown each day at your farm? Are you stopping to fish in the pools of PROFIT that are scattered about Pandaria? Seriously, it’s never been easier to make some easy, low-effort cash in the game, and it’s awesome – and hilarious – to hear people excitedly talking about their bountiful carrot empires. I love this game.