Ever wonder if WoW characters have the same day-to-day problems that plague us in real life? In this case, Vid had a minor crisis this week regarding a lost wedding ring, which sounds a lot like a quest, only there’s no handy directional guide in real life, and no reward other than a tremendous sense of relief.

Anyway, we thought that, you know, for the amount of travel and continent-hopping the average WoW hero does, remembering where you put something down must be a tremendous hassle. I mean, how many bizarre places have YOU been lately?

Of course, we all know how this ends. The misplaced item inevitably turns up at home, safe and sound, in some absurd location that doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. Like the fridge. And you’re left forever puzzled and wondering why the heck you put it there to begin with.

(We blame warlock imps. This is TOTALLY something they’d do just to mess with people.)