The best part about this comic is how utterly unfamiliar both Vid and myself are with these themes. We’re about as un-thug-life as you can get.

Anyway…so uh, yeah. About those farms.

We can’t be the only ones making MAD BANK off our daily produce harvests, right? It’s absurd how much these pumpkins, turnips and melons are going for! I mean, I want to level my Way cooking skills, but how can I use these priceless items for lowly FOOD when they could be netting me hundreds of pure, organically-grown profit every day?

It’s as close as you can get to actually growing gold, and I love it.

Of course, profit aside, I find it genuinely hilarious – and awesome! – how excited we Dragonslayers, Firelords and Kingslayers get over logging in and heading off to the farm to dig up the latest batch of Juicycrunch Carrots.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not making fun. The Sunsong Ranch is actually a fantastic feature! Great for easy buff food, great for easy Auction House sales, and the farming really is genuinely peaceful and relaxing. It’s surprisingly pleasant to be able to just cheerily spend a few minutes tending your crops in solitude, in your own private little quiet corner of the world.

Even the dailies are pretty fun, compared to the Klaxxi or AWFUL Golden Lotus ones! Ride a kite around and water crops! Steal some veggies, but don’t let the Hozen steal your pants! Go find Old Hillpaw’s Prize Chicken! They’re lighthearted and just…pleasant! (And infinitely better than Kill 12 Mogu / Kill 8 Mogu Statues / Kill Some Mogu Dogs / Kill a GIANT Mogu.)