A lot of people think Jaina has this terrible reputation regarding the men in her life, that she has “terrible taste in men”, or that she breaks guys’ hearts and/or makes them go crazy. This is utter nonsense. The problem isn’t with Jaina, the problem is that the men in her life are just plain jerks.

Have you actually LISTENED to the crap these guys say? It’s pretty sad when Garrosh of all people has treated her with more dignity and respect than her so-called close friends.

(Granted, this respect comes in the form of a targeted full-scale assault on her city, but hey, it at least shows that Garrosh acknowledges her as a legitimate threat, a worthy adversary, and – gasp – an actual PERSON!)

Anyway, it’s a definite step up from Varian and Thrall talking down to her like she’s a child, “Nice Guy” Kael throwing a tantrum over a romance that existed only in his own mind, or the (sadly) many WoW players who blame her for the poor decisions Arthas and Kael made. Like she somehow owed Arthas to stick by him while he commited horrendous atrocities. And being blamed for Kael’s decisions? She and Kael WERE NEVER EVEN A COUPLE!!

And cripes, then there’s the whole “omg she SLEPT WITH ARTHAS, the man SHE LOVED and probably would have married?? THAT HUSSY!” ridiculousness.

It’s all so incredibly stupid.