Today’s comic is a special guest strip by our WONDERFUL and TALENTED friend Dee, who came through AMAZINGLY, considering she had only like half a day’s notice! You can check out her WoW blog at Dancing Runes, and her other great artwork at Marching Ant Studio. You can also find her on Twitter as @mainfloortank!

(She really, really likes elves.)

THANKS DEE! You really helped us out. Much love!

Unfortunately, the reason Vid couldn’t finish this week’s strip was due to a sudden family emergency. Send some good thoughts and wishes her way, as she and her family could really use them.

And hey, if you feel like helping her out (and getting some sweet art), she’s currently accepting art commissions for custom avatars, watercolour postcards, sketches, etc. – check out her post HERE for more information! Obviously, things are on hold at the moment, but if you like the art on From Draenor and would like to get some of your character, go take a look!