It really was at Velen’s Book Club.

If you’ve been reading FDWL regularly since around May, you might remember this comic about Millya’s lost tail ring. Inspired by an unfortunate true story, it was around that time that I realized I had lost my wedding rings. We looked everywhere for them, upended everything, and ultimately concluded that they were lost forever. (A process that involved no small amount of hand-wringing and angst, I’ll admit). Towards the end of September, six months after they’d been lost, Voss and I decided to start having them replaced. Since they were custom made, we went back to the goldsmith who’d made them originally and got the process started.

We settled on a design (slightly different from the original) and waited while it was made. It took probably about three months, all told.

Today I got two phone calls. The first call from the goldsmith: my new ring was ready.

The second call, from my Mom: …she’d found my original rings at her house.

It’s really too ironic for me to take. But I am incredibly happy, although I also now own two wedding rings. (You can’t exactly take it back when it’s custom made and you’ve already paid for it!) I may wear the new one on my right hand, or alternate them on my left as the mood takes me – I’ll have to wait and see.

If there’s a lesson in this for me, I’d say it’s about not putting things on hold. You see, the reason I lost my rings was because they weren’t on my hands. I haven’t been able to wear them in a few years as they were a bit tight. But rather than having them sized I always said “Well I just need to lose 5 lbs and they’ll fit again.” I put it off and ultimately that led to this whole misfortune. So that’s lesson one. My Mom said lesson two is “always listen to your mother!” because she insisted that they’d turn up and questioned whether it was wise to have them replaced. I don’t regret it, though. I am just so happy that we found them. I tried to channel that feeling into Millya’s sillly grin, because she’s as happy as I am.

Anyway, that’s a brief personal glimpse rare here on From Draenor; comics that don’t have to do with me being sick or losing or finding things will resume next week. I just want to extend a thank you to everyone who showed concern about me and the rings, and also folks who commissioned me to help raise money for the replacements. I appreciated every word and I’m continually astounded by the kindness of folks in this community.