When we did the “Ring of Lost” strip, a few different people were intrigued at the idea of Velen’s Book Club. So consider today’s comic a bit of a follow-up!

Actually, there’s almost enough readable books in WoW that you COULD have a book club! You’ve got the serious lore ones, the Schools of Arcane Magic texts, the Steamy Romance Novels, fun one-offs such as Crawgol’s Silithid Field Guide (The Authoritotal Handbook)…the list goes on and on.

Personally, some of my favorite books are the ones that can be found during the Death Knight starter zone. I highly recommend taking a few moments and reading the Guide to the Side Effects of Reanimation and Corpulous’ Mess Hall Rules. They’re full of great life tips that any would-be adventurer should always be sure to remember. For example: “No eat self.”

Sage advice.