When Heart of Fear LFR came out, Garalon was…how shall we say…an interesting experience. And by interesting I mean painful, excruciating agony. It really became almost a joke that first week, to see how badly an LFR group would fail. And it’s not even necessarily people’s fault! Tag-team pass a kiting debuff back and forth with a stranger? And transmit it through touch? As in, the same mechanic that gave hardcore progression guilds migraines on Heroic Putricide back in ICC? AND have tanks perform an unusual role (not actively tanking, but just soaking damage) AND have multiple targets that would regenerate AND endlessly-spawning pools of acid? And then the icing on the cake, the fact that one player stepping in the wrong place would hurt the entire raid??

Really Blizz, what WERE you thinking? Did you ever even DO LFR? Remember Madness of Deathwing? LFR groups have a hard time single targeting tentacles, and you expected us to be able to pull off this crazy dance? Just…wow.

Thankfully, the fight has been nerfed and groups no longer run up against the Garalon wall and die/disband in resignation. And while it’s pretty fun to play pass-the-pheromones with a random stranger and see if you can do it properly, one person can kite the entire fight with ease. I actually really liked trading the debuff, but it’s probably for the best. I’ve seen a lot of people try and completely mess it up, so expecting two people to do it right might just be unrealistic.