Today’s comic is a very special guest strip from our amazingly talented friend Walks! The Dread Wastes are so horrifically mutated and ugly (I personally think they feel like the Ghostlands, except on acid) and Walks totally nailed the vintage travel poster look. Thanks Walks! 😀

I think of all the factions in Mists, the Dread Wastes’ Klaxxi are my favorite. Well, okay, maybe the Tillers take the cake but that’s more because I AM ADDICTED TO CULTIVATING MY PRICELESS PRODUCE than any particular love for the faction itself. The Klaxxi though? They’re so creepy, yet awesome and fun! Their military mentality, communal loyalty and no-nonsense attitude really appeal to me, and MY LIFE FOR THE KLAXXI is posing a serious threat to replace POWER AND GLORY TO THE FORSAKEN as my favorite war cry.

(Also, they get bonus points for being a faction who you actually gain rep with during the leveling process instead of hitting 90 and starting from scratch. Looking at you, GOLDEN LOTUS.)