Disappointment was high on the Mists beta this week, as the price of the Grand Expedition Yak skyrocketed to 120,000 gold. If you think about it though, the price hike makes total sense! The ethereals aren’t the sort of people to let this kind of potential profit slip through their bandage-fingers. And besides, with the yak’s portable reforger making their Orgrimmar/Stormwind services obsolete, they’d actually be losing money!

Ethereal interference aside, have you SEEN how much stuff is on one of these yaks?? You’re paying a lot, but those yaks are carrying a small city on their backs. (Their yak-backs.)

You’ve got lanterns, rugs, statues, a picnic umbrella…you name it, it’s on there somewhere. (Yak-packed.)

I’m not sure how it all doesn’t fall off, but I guess there’s all kinds of ropes and knots holding it all in place. It’s piled up real well. (Yak-stacked.)

Okay, I think that’s enough.