You know, at first I thought Hagara’s ice walls were bad. Saw a lot of people get insta-gibbed by those in LFR back during Cataclysm.

Then Elegon and his magic floor came and caused hilariously large quantities of surprise deaths, and I thought we had a new winner.

But then…came Durumu.

I can honestly say this was the first time I’ve ever seen the entire LFR group instantly perish in the blink of an eye. (Well, other than being tossed off Deathwing’s back, which is kinda different.) And then again. And again! And it wasn’t like people weren’t paying attention or were dying by ignoring the mechanics, as is so often the case in LFR. Quite the contrary! Raid chat was great, offering suggestions, trying to figure out how to survive longer than 0.01 seconds in Durumu’s death maze. Everyone was in good spirits, laughing about this awful new LFR wing, listening to advice, and doing their best.

And it didn’t do any good at all.

After an ungodly number of wipes (sadly, stacks of the Determination Buff doesn’t help you survive instantly fatal Eye Sores) we finally, MERCIFULLY, managed to make it past a death maze phase with something like 6 or 7 people still alive, and then desperately, barely eked out a victory moments before a maze, which would have undoubtedly resulted in further terrible death.

I don’t even know what Primordius or Dark Animus was like, I was just floating along in a state of bliss after that hellish experience.

Clearly Blizzard took note, judging from the drastic changes they’ve made to the fight since Durumu’s LFR wing went live. Unfortunately, despite surviving the maze on my first kill, my second attempt after the hotfixes met in utter failure. We eventually beat him, but I died to the maze every attempt, despite intense concentration and focus. Sometimes twice an attempt, thank to battle rezzes, which was even MORE embarrassing. Ah well. I’ll give it another shot this week and see if I can figure it out.

I wonder if Blizz has stats somewhere of how many people Durumu has instantly murdered. I bet the numbers would be astounding, and hilarious.