Poor Vid. It looks like she’ll be waiting awhile longer. Actually, you’ll have to wait along with her a bit too because we are taking a vacation for the month of July!

For many personal reasons, this year has been exhausting. I’m proud we were able to maintain our schedule throughout it, but I’m going on vacation in July and getting ahead on as many comics as we would’ve needed just wasn’t feasible. I hope you’ll all understand the necessity! I find that sometimes with ongoing creative endeavours like this, a bit of a breather can really re-energize you once you start up again.

Now, for those of you who are Patreon supporters, please note that we’ll be shutting the Patreon off for the month of July. Since charges occur at the end of the month, we’ll wait until June has gone through but you will not be charged for July at all. We didn’t feel right asking for your support for content that we wouldn’t be providing, but we’re looking forward to continuing the story in August! Thanks again for your support, and to anyone reading. Your comments here or on Twitter and your ongoing support for our work are what makes it all worthwhile. Have a great July and we’ll see you soon!