Work and life stuff hit us both pretty hard this past week and unfortunately we weren’t able to get the comic finished. This doesn’t happen very often and we’d like to build some buffer, but for now we’d prefer not to rush the comic and have the quality suffer.

So what are you looking at, then? Back towards the end of Chapter One, Rades and I discussed at length to have a wardrobe change in Chapter Two. It made sense in terms of the flow of the story, and also gave us a chance to talk about what look we’d like to be defining looks for Vid and Rades.

I had the most input on Vid’s outfit, and it went from a simple little sketch to a more polished image. Rades had a few suggestions and we tweaked it, but overall it was easy to nail down.

His outfit was a bit more complicated, because Rades had very specific ideas about it and a million references that we had to cobble together. We ended up doing it more piecemeal and I didn’t finish his “actual” reference yet. I still know what all the stuff looks like and he’s been wearing it in the comic, I just don’t have a definitive image.

But the other week I realized I needed solid references for all of this grey scale. I should have done this weeks ago! It’s great. So I just coloured Vid’s design sketch with the appropriate greys. For Rades, I just slapped together a quick sketch, more functional than decorative.

The contrast is…rather stark. I’m sorry, Rades! I don’t know why you are missing part of your one leg. I drew this in a hurry. And there may be something wrong with your face. But you are so cuuute.