One of the most prevalent questions among fans when it comes to Wrathion and his crusade against the other black dragons is, “Does he know about Sablemane?” And officially, no one knows. Wrathion seems to think he’s eliminated the rest of the Black Dragonflight…but we know he’s missed at least one.

When we were planning out the FDWL storyline, Wrathion meeting Sablemane was one of our major plot points. And I’ve had the above image in my head ever since, of a totally out-of-his-element Wrathion in Blade’s Edge, gazing up in frozen shock at those iconic stone spires and impaled black dragons overhead. I imagine it would probably be a REALLY unsettling experience, as a black dragon!

But don’t worry – this chapter won’t be all about Wrathion. We haven’t forgotten about Vid. Or Rades. Or Four. Oh no, we definitely have big plans for all of them yet to come. >:D