Way, way back when we were planning out the FDWL plot, we knew that one of Wrathion’s bodyguards would become part of the story. Originally, I had penciled in Right, who – along with her partner, Left – can always be seen wherever their boss goes. I thought it would be fun to explore this cool, badass-looking woman, who despite numerous appearances in-game, never actually speaks or does anything.

But after talking it over with Vid, we realized that while it would be interesting to use Right, we had a great opportunity to create a brand new person instead! The notion of original characters is something we’ve actually debated at length – I generally like to tell stories about existing personalities that people already know, while Vid loves introducing new characters and letting their role and actions in a story give people reason to like them.

So Right was put back on the shelf, and we set about brainstorming who the new Blacktalon Agent would be accompanying Vid, Rades and Wrathion on their adventure. We came up with some potentials, then we decided to really break convention and mix things up, because dammit this is OUR story and we’ll do whatever we want!

And so, Four was born. We hope you like her!

One other note – Vid is going on vacation in a few days, so there won’t be a strip next week! It’s a special vacation because she and Voss are actually going to be in my neck of the woods, so we’ll probably get a rare chance to actually hang out in person! At which point she may drown me in the hot tub because of all the art edits and changes I’ve made her do over the last few years. So if I disappear, well, now you know why.