The funny thing about creating a weekly comic strip is that sometimes events take a little while to unfold. Though we’ve had this particular moment planned for over a year, you’re only seeing it now! I hope you can appreciate Rades’ subtle genius, though. He lays a lot of groundwork for later payoff. He’s also really good at secrets, and so I have to curb my blabbermouth impulses too… I hope our Patreon supporters will forgive me for not showing the sketch for this page a day early as usual – I didn’t want to spoil the final version!

If you want to be further emotionally devastated today, Unbroken is necessary reading. We used much of the physical description of the process of becoming Broken from this short story to help determine what our important character should look like.

Finally, in happier news, we concluded our Twitter Argi giveaway today! I love this little goat. She is the weirdest thing, but I knew as soon as I saw the images of her that we’d have to give one away to a FDWL reader.

That lucky reader is… @KerynWeylan! We’ll be in touch to help you get a space goat of your very own. Thanks to everyone who entered and followed us on Twitter.