We should be back with Chapter 3 next week! Until then, enjoy the script for a page we never ended up doing: Archimonde Crossing.

When Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out, both Vid and I were enjoying it so much we wanted to do a FDWL comic about it. We had a few different ideas, including one about how hilarious it is when you shake a tree in Animal Crossing, hoping for money or furniture, and instead you get AN ANGRY SWARM OF BEES.

In the end we went with this comic for our Animal Crossing strip. We decided not to use the other ones, since we didn’t want to talk about a game that not everyone was playing for TOO long.

So, enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at our scripting process! This is the exact script, unchanged, that I sent to Vid, random thoughts and sentence fragments and all. Now you can see what she has to deal with on a weekly basis. 😉